Friday, December 4, 2009

Good Reports

Yesterday I took Amanda for her 3-year check-up and Aiden for his 4-month.  Amanda was extremely cooperative and listened well to instructions.  In fact, she had the doctor laughing because when she told her to lay on her back and look up at the ceiling, Amanda got on her back and stared straight up at the ceiling.  The doctor let her know that actually it was ok if she moved her eyes and looked around.

The doctor asked lots of questions, all of them directed at Amanda while she made conversation.  At this stage, Amanda is a wealth of random information.  If you are wanting to know any of our family secrets, now would be a good time to drill her...she tells all, just the way she sees it!

They were looking through a book which had a dog in it, which brought up the question of whether we had one, what color, how big, do you like him, is he nice.  Amanda said, "Yes, I love him.  When daddy spanks me then sometimes I want Riley."  I held my breath waiting for the reaction, but the doctor moved on without comment.  Yes, we spank our children.  And it IS pretty funny...often when she gets disciplined (spanking or other) she asks for Riley in between sobs.  Sometimes when she's hurt, too.  Its very sweet.

Amanda thought it was the silliest thing that the nurse asked her to pee in a cup.  Later she told Avery about it and they must have discussed it for an hour...girls!

She weighed in at 31 lbs and just under 3 ft.  She 60th for weight and 30th for height.

Then it was her brother's turn.  He also checked out great and mercifully cannot talk to the doctor...yet. :)  He cried for about 20 seconds after his shots...I think it upset Amanda more than Aiden.

He weighs 15.1 lbs and is 25.75 in, 30th for weight and 60th for height.  (opposite of Amanda...weird).  I didn't get a picture of him at the doctor, but this is what he's looked like some of the last couple days if I am not holding him...he's just a little under the weather.

Couple quick things, 'cause I always think I'm going to remember and I don't...

Lately Amanda's been adding "up" to phrases, such as 'change up my clothes, eat up my food'.  Last night as she and Avery were running into the house from the car, she yelled across the yard, "We're going to beat you up, Mom!"

Also yesterday she said, "what en erf!?"

They have no struggles; their bodies are healthy and strong.
Psalm 73:4

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