Friday, December 18, 2009


Every December I am involved in a cookie baking extravaganza including one or both of my sisters and our friend Kate, who we've known since grammar school.  (My sister Amy and I were only one grade apart, and went to small schools, so we shared the same friends).  I was packing up all my equipment and ingredients and came across this can of sweetened condensed milk....guess I've had it kickin' around a couple years....oops.  For those of you who will be eating my cookies, rest assured I did not use it.  :)  But seriously.  How does that take up space in my cupboard for so many years and never get used or discovered?

Bethany on the left, Kate on the right. 

I took this picture as a joke, but it ended up being the only one I had of Amy.  Sorry Aim.  She did just a couple batches of fake sugar cookies for the kids...all our other cookies were legit.

I counted 21 different varieties of cookies represented, but that includes the cheater sugar cookies, so we'll call it 20.  Yes, we were busy, but one thing we do alot of with Kate is laugh, and more so as the night gets later.  It was great fun, as usual and I left at 11:30.

While I was gone, Shaun had the three kids.  Amanda had Nutcracker rehearsal that they all went to.  Oh, she looked so grown up to me!  When they got home, he spent some time putting together a chair that had been delivered to us that day. 

Before shipping it, they wrapped it very carefully.  The girls were having fun popping the bubbles while Shaun was putting the chair together.  He checked on them once, but then the chair assembly started going poorly so it was another 20 minutes before he checked in.  Apparently the next time he saw them, they looked like two little snowmen, covered in little white balls from their head to their feet.  He did think to take a picture, but could not locate the camera.

This is what took place in that time and this is what I walked into at midnight.  The pictures do not do the scene justice.  Shaun said they spent 45 minutes cleaning it up, which included stripping the girls of their pajamas and spraying them with water, the only hope of being able to "uncling" them.  What a mess!  It took me another 45 minutes the next day to get it done and I think we'll be finding little white balls around the house for the next month.

Oh, and somewhere in the middle of it all, the dog went to the bathroom on the floor, just minutes after being let in the house.  To Shaun's credit, when I walked in, he was smiling and calmly reading the girls a bedtime story.  He never, ever looses his temper, so its a good thing he was there and not me.

With the dough they had brought from Egypt, they baked cakes of unleavened bread. The dough was without yeast because they had been driven out of Egypt and did not have time to prepare food for themselves.

Exodus 12:39


Darla said...

this is too funny, my kids did the SAME thing when they were that age! and there is no easy way to clean that up! you will be so glad one day that you got a picture of this mess...really.

Meg A. said...

Hands down, BEST picture of Amanda! Gorgeous! And you're right, she looks like she's about 8 years old. God Bless Shaun for that little "adventure"!

mom said...

Sounds like a great cookie night. Don't feel alone, I to have come across expired cans. Hate it when that happens. LOVE Amanda's picture. The mess...Praise God, two healthy , active, imaginative, brilliant kids at work. Bless Shaun, he's a keeper :)

sara said...

oh I hate those little balls!! My kids broke a bean bag chair once that had them inside.....BIG mess.

And that picture of Amanda... absolutely beautiful!!!

Wish I was close to taste some of those cookies!!! My daughter and I will be baking this next week!

Andrea said...

FUNNY, well, it is because it happened at your house. Ha. Those things are impossible to clean up in an easy manner. Break out the vaccum and they just gain more static. I do really like the picture of it though, especially with the poinsettia in there. Wow, Amanda! She doesn't look like that little round faced toddler there. Beautiful.