Friday, May 11, 2012

May's 10 on 10

Yesterday was the 10th of the month, which means I took 10 pictures on the hour throughout my day...essentially.  It landed on a busy day, but not the kind of busy that's fun to take pictures of.  Regardless, here's our day...

8:00 AM
walking the kids to school...feels like we've needed an umbrella (and coats!) for many days now
9:00 AM
I ran out to take care of a few errands, mostly for work, but one was to pick up a couple prescriptions for Z.  Out of habit I was waiting for the $100, $200, $300 total.  I almost felt like a criminal when I walked away having to pay nothing.  Good insurance...what a novelty.
11:00 AM
I was home in time to get my Aiden-guy out of bed.  His first words: Amanda left this in my room...can you give it back to her?  Sure'd you sleep?  Good.  Momma, I love you!

11:30 AM
For the most part, these two have figured out their differences and actually play really well together.
12:30 PM
Aiden was feeding himself and his baby raw almonds.
2:00 PM
The kids were hanging out at the "play park"....Amanda: Mom, do some poses!
3:00 PM
Walking Avery home from school.
5:00 PM
After the social worker left, I hopped in the car to go to a photo shoot.
6:00 PM 
The engagement shoot was at a beautiful location!
8:00 PM
Always happy to come home to this crew.

9:00 PM
Stories read, prayers said, everyone tucked into bed...time to work!

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Rach@In His Hands said...

"Mom, do some poses!" Ha! I love it. :)