Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday's Walk ~ Kiddie Pool

Today takes us back to June 2007, when we had a 24 month-old and a 7 month-old.  These were golden days and I recognized them as such, even in the thick of it all.  This is an excerpt from my journal, in the pre-blog days.  :)

Yesterday was over 90 so I filled up the kiddie pool in the yard under the big tree out front.  You immediately started splashing and playing, happy to be in it.  I thought you might because Avery was having such a good time in it.  

You both seem to look to each other for so many things.  Avery is very aware of you and your needs.  “Sissy” are the first words out of her mouth every morning and when we are going somewhere she wants to make sure you are going.  She tries to tickle you on your neck like I do and you laugh because its her doing it.


Amy said...

Avery looks like Aiden here.

Matt Grant said...

Your kids look like they had a great time! Well, splashing water in that cute little pool is really fun! I can only imagine how excited they would get when you took them to a big pool. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

Matt Grant @ Pool Service Perth