Sunday, May 20, 2012

Project 365, Week 20

Another great week...we've been enjoying the wonderful weather.  May is such a great month, isn't it?

May 13
I had a lovely Mother's Day, spending time with my family.
May 14
For the first time ever Avery came home early from school because she was sick.  She took a nap and then chilled on the couch.  She asked me to watch a movie with her and I couldn't say no.
After Z's baseball practice, the boys came home and did yoga.  :)
 May 15
My neighbor does such a beautiful job with her flowers.  Some of them are close to the sidewalk and, if you can believe it, people sometimes pick them.  On the way back from picking up Avery from school I rescued this one a couple houses down.
 May 16
School was cancelled because the buses had been vandalized overnight.  We took advantage and got together with cousins.
Later we went to see Xtreme Impact at our church.  Z was sooooo excited about it!  Wow, these guys are strong.  One of them can bench press 500 lbs.  500!

May 17
First grade was in charge of the special Mass for Ascension Thursday.  No Hail Mary's this time...the Father actually gave a great message and we sang songs and there was clapping.  Avery, and all her classmates, did a great job reading.
Z really wanted to buy Aiden a baseball glove for his birthday but we decided since that is still two months away it might be better if I got him one now.  He is ALL about his ball and glove.  He sleeps with it and then carries it around the rest of the time.

How can I possibly say no when he says Mommy, youwanna play baseball with me?  Do you?
 Our town has a monthly street festival during the summer so we headed down to check it out and enjoy the beautiful evening.  Z made it all the way to the top of the rock wall, Amanda tried but the height was making her fearful.
 May 18
Amanda took this.  Poor girl with her rough those chubby baby arms though!
May 19
Avery had a private dress rehearsal for dance at the high school auditorium where they will be performing so that gave me some precious alone time to hit the track.

Hope you have a splendid week!


sara said...

What a GREAT family picture!!!

I just had a picture in Jared's graduation video of him at Aiden's age doing situps with my sweet!

ahhh, boys and baseballs. they just go together!

The Bug said...

I really enjoyed your week. Love the yoga shot - were those downward dogs?

I'm glad Avery started feeling better.