Monday, September 17, 2012

Are You Ready For Some Football??

The very first day we met Z, back in March, he asked if he could play football.  At the time our answer was "we'll see" but as time went on it became apparent that we'd have him through football season.

Knowing we'd be in that world anyway, we casually asked Avery if she'd be interested in cheerleading.  We got an immediate and definite YES! even though it would mean no dance for her after havign done it for four years.  

Since August 1st Avery and Z have been practicing M-F for 2.5 hours (until school started, now its three days a week) and now, finally, it was time to actually play and cheer a game.

I made a healthy, protein-rich breakfast and then we were off to meet up with the teams at 8 AM.

Aiden was just tickled that there was a police car in front of and behind us.  

 Once we got to the field we waited and waited some more...

 and finally, the day officially kicked off!

Z played kicker, full back and linebacker.  He played every single play and looked really good.

 Lots of excited fans, too.
All very intent on the game.  :)

The team lost by one in a heart-breaking overtime game.  Z and Shaun talked through a lot of it and many life lessons were taught because of it all.  Great way to spend a Saturday morning (minus the opening ceremony nonsense).

Halftime show

And a short video from practice earlier in the season...keep an eye on the cute one in the stripped shirt.  :)


Rach@In His Hands said...

I LOVE football so this makes my heart happy. :) I hope your kiddos have a great Fall at the field!

The Bug said...

What a great day - love all those "interested" spectators. And the videos are PRICELESS - too cute!

Amy said...

Super cute! LOVE the halftime show!