Sunday, September 16, 2012

Project 365, Week 37

I lost my phone in NYC somewhere so on Sunday I went to get a new phone and that was the big news around here.  The kids (Avery) have been so excited and telling everyone.  I don't really care a whole lot about phones, but I did take several of these photos with it and that's good because we all know I don't take enough photos already.  

Loving this time of year and a slightly slower pace of life.

September 9
SUCH a beautiful day for football.
 Aiden really thought it was important that he wear his basketballs and his touccchhdown shirt that Symeon gave him.
 Amanda and I made cookies and everyone enjoyed dipping them...its really the right way to eat chocolate chips.  I thought to myself, wow...this really looks like a redneck picture.  Then I realized that there are quite a few this week.  Ah, well...

 September 10
 September 11
There was an open house at Avery's school for 2-8 grades, so we got to meet her new-to-the-school teacher.  She left us a note, too.  Guess it meant a lot to her that we were there.  :)
 Whenever we see a beautiful sunset, Aiden insists I take a picture.  This one greeted us as we walked out of school.
 This turkey cut. her. hair!  Or should I say, buzzed it.  I have no words.

 September 12
Apparently Aiden was in the Christmas spirit when he picked out his clothes.

 Again with the redneck thing...
 September 13
Every once in a while Shaun can't stand my clothes any more and insists he take me shopping.  So, we dropped Aiden off with my sister and we went.  Shaun sat in a chair in the dressing room while I came out with outfit after outfit that the associates put together.

We walked out with a few staples and then did lunch.  Aiden joined us and we had a nice little time at our patio table.

When Shaun went to pick up the girls from latch key (which they were ecstatic about) Avery was sitting at the picnic table with much older girls doing homework.  Amanda was under the monkey bars with several second grade boys playing with a top.  Oh Lord, help us!
 September 14
Too cute to not take a picture on our walk home from school.
 First night of fall church activities.  There is a newly overhauled program at our former church and there's something for all four kids.  They were happy to be there and Shaun and I were happy to go on a DATE.  Yay for Friday nights!  :)

September 15
Opening day of football!  Everyone met at a park and then paraded to the playing field.  Z asked several times if Aiden could march with him.  SO sweet!  Aiden was thrilled to have a police escort.
 First day of cheering for Avery, too and it just so happened to be for Z's team.  Perfect!
 I love teaching the 2 & 3 just never know what you're going to get.  This night the three cousins were all there and they were happy to have each other.  Aiden's fwends.

After we took the family out to dinner and presented them with gifts and/or money to thank them for the work they did on the apartment renovations.  We celebrated hard work and a job well done and hopefully some valuable life lessons for the kids.


Meg A. said...

The one of Z and Aiden marching together?! Love it!

sara said...

oh my dear Amanda!!! Alyssa cut her hair twice, but never buzzed it. I know there are no words now, but one day it will be funny and sweet...I promise!

I do miss football and baseball and sitting in the bleachers!!!

Love that the cousins are so close!

LuAnn said...

I had to chuckle with Amanda's hair. Elizabeth decided at age 7 she had the knowledge of hoe to cut hair. She took chunks out of the back and the bangs, well lets say there were none.

Whata great week !!!

P.S. We had an awesome day yesterday. Had them both over for dinner, played a yard game and took them out for ice cream. Thank you so much for all your prayers over the years. They meant so much to me. It was so great to have our daughter back in our home and how odd to say this but also to get to know our "son-in-law." I posted a picture of the two of them this morning. Have a great week.

The Bug said...

I just smiled my way through this whole post. Cute girls, cute boys - fun times :)

Now I'm off to check out LuAnn's blog :)