Sunday, September 9, 2012

Project 365, Week 36

I could write pages here and post many more photos, but I hope to break it down into smaller posts so it all makes more sense.

It was a busy, out-of-the-norm (ha!) week, yet filled to the top with blessings and front row seats to watching God's hand at work....and playing a small part!  Reminds me of the song we sang in church last night...make me an instrument, that my life can be all about Your glory.

wanna make my life all about Your glory

I wanna spend my days telling the world Your story
In everything I do, in everything I say,
Following after You, giving You thanks and praise
I wanna make my life all about Your honor
Morning noon and night, my best I want to offer
In everything I do, in everything I say,
Following after You, giving You thanks and praise

Make me an instrument, make me a song of praise
Make me a shining light that radiates Your ways
Make me Your masterpiece, Lord put me on display
That I may ever be a picture of Your grace

Your glory, Your honor
That’s what I want my life to be all about
Your goodness, Your kindness
Your life in me ever reaching out
Your mercy, forgiveness
That’s what I want my life to be all about
Your love and Your power
Your life in me ever reaching out

Here's our eclectic week:

September 3
My aunt and uncle and cousin Melody were still here from Lobster Fest.  Over breakfast my dad talked about our history and filled in some blanks we had.  We've gotten so much wonderful information, now we've got to start talking about the book we're going to write.  My grandparent's story is definitely the stuff movies (the good ones) are made of.

So sad to see everyone never is long enough but we DO pack each visit in with amazing memories.
 We had a 15-year old girl. "K" come for two nights.; we all liked her immediately.  She and Avery stayed up late playing chess.
 September 4
The girls had the day off of school and someone had just given us a huge bin of legos.  They made some creations that they proudly brought to show Great-grandpa.
 We got to talk with Daddy!
 We got some rain, which the kids thoroughly enjoyed while Z was at football practice and K was at soccer practice.
 September 5
Shaun got to spend an afternoon touring Rome!
This kid is SUCH a good buddy and gets SO excited when there's work to be done.
 I called my BIL to see if he was in town because my car needed a jump.  When I got off the phone Aiden said, Is Uncle Nathan going to come rescue you?  Yes, he four minutes he was there with cables and had my car going.  I was SO thankful to be on my way to pick kids up early from two different schools, to take Z to his weekly visit, to drop off a baby gift to the social worker, to take a school uniform back to the store, to take the girls to voice lessons, to bring Avery home to change and Facetime with Daddy, to bring her to cheerleading practice, to go home to pick up Z, to take him to football practice, to go back to pick up Avery from cheerleading, to go back to pick up Z from football, to come home at 8:30 to get the kids dinner, to put them to bed.  So yes, Nathan was my hero for the afternoon!  :)

 Who is this BIG boy??

 Z had a significant amount of trouble with asthma this week, but I still made him go to listen in on practice.  Since I had childhood asthma, I feel like I know just the right amount of sympathy to have.
 September 6
About 10 AM I got a call from the school nurse that Amanda was sick.  When Aiden and I went to pick her up, there was a firetruck and ambeelance pulling into the lot across the street.  We walked over to investigate and found they were doing some training.

They were so generous and welcoming to a wide-eyed Aiden.  They put him in the back, in the front, let him sound the horn...he was stylin!

 So were these two before naptime.
 Shaun made it to Austria.
 So pretty!
 September 7
My dad and I had been talking about doing a bike ride all summer, and we finally did it.  A quick and beautiful 8.5 miles.
 I picked the kids up early from school and we headed to JFK to pick up Shaun...yay!!  Since his flight arrived at 4 PM, we figured we might as well just stay in the city for the night instead of fighting rush hour.  Plus, we were really anxious for some family time!
 Times Square!
 September 8
It was annoying to have to pay to use the gym in our hotel, but it was one of the nicest gyms I've ever been in.
 In between raindrops, we had breakfast in Times Square, saw Rockefeller Plaza, Radio City Music Hall, a parade and spent quite a bit of time in FAO Schwartz and the lego store.
 We headed back for my niece's dedication.  She's the sweetest thing!
It is exceedingly good to have Shaun back!  Looking forward to a nice boring week.  :)


LuAnn said...

Oh Lisa, you make me laugh. I don't think your home will ever have a boring week.

Glad Shaun is home and your niece is adorable.

Enjoy your "boring" week.

Melody said...

So glad you got a family day in NYC - fun!

The Bug said...

That Aiden is so cute - and yes he's growing up. Sigh.

I think I missed why Shaun was in Europe - glad he made it back safely!

Darla said...

Hi Lisa, long time no see! Your kids are sure growing. I hope you will be able to tune in to NBC this week to watch season 3 of the Voice! Devyn will be on the blind auditions. Hope you can watch. :) Take Care, hugs to you all!