Sunday, September 30, 2012

Project 365 delayed

Good morning! Have I ever told you how cool I think it is that you come here once in a while to check up on us? In the last couple weeks I've had several people make in-person comments to me about my blog, and I had no idea they knew about it! Not sure what the draw is...must be the cute kids? :) Anyway, thanks for caring about our family And being so sweet with your comments...I'd write even if no one read, but it makes it a little more fun this way. We are away in Massachusetts today, as we have been all weekend and I didn't have my stuff together enough to have my Project 365 done before we left. We have an obscene number of Internet devices in our lives and still I cannot do a full post with photos "on the fly". Definitely on the user end because I know that all these devices know how to talk to each other. There is one more show tonight, if you live anywhere near close or know someone who does!The Show


The Bug said...

Hope you're having fun!

Melody said...

It's partly the cute kids, but it's also your awesome pictures and writing!