Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Skip The Compare

After my last post of attempting to share my heart, I got several sweet comments, but also ones that made me stop and think.  I was reminded of something I recently underlined in a book I'm reading by Holly Gerth, You're Already Amazing.  I hope its an encouragement, as it was to me.

...The point is that we women compare.  A lot.  We tend to berate ourselves for this tendency.  But really, I just think its part of how we're wired.

Women were created by God to be inherently relational.  This means we're always checking in, asking ourselves, "How's she doing?  How's she doing?  How's she doing?"

This is a reflection of our tender hearts and compassionate natures.  Its a beautiful thing that makes us excellent mamas, wives and friends.  Where we get tripped up is when we follow that first question with, "How am I doing compared with her?"

Hold up.  That's not helpful.
If we fall short, then we're insecure.
If we're doing better, then we're prideful.
If her life seems harder, then we don't feel entitled to our pain.
God's answer?  Focus on him and his plan for your life.

....Your story and strengths belong to you.  God doesn't compare them (or you) to anyone else, and you don't have to either.  Big sigh of relief.  So as we explore our strengths together (and live them out with others), let's go for these three steps: share, care, prayer.  And skip the compare.

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The Bug said...

Aww thanks - I do tend to compare myself to others. But I also know my strengths & weaknesses, so I try to not be TOO hard on myself. You're still superwoman though - ha!