Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas!  Its another installment of the Cour Chronicles!

I would label 2012 as “intense”.  Intensely busy, intensely life-changing, intensely full of God’s unmerited favor.

In February, the day after we’d officially gotten licensed to be foster parents, we got a call about a nine-year old boy.  After a somewhat lengthy transition process, Izaya came to live with us in April.  He turned life as we’d previously known it upside down and, even though he’s a great kid, we’ve spent this year making many adjustments.  (we were prohibited from including him on our Christmas card).

Adding baseball, football, social worker visits and so much more to our already full schedule took a little doing, but we’ve adjusted to our new normal, which really isn’t very normal at all.

However, we’re confident this is where God wants us, so we rest in that!

Avery is in 2nd grade and thrives in the academic world.  We are grateful her school has been accommodating to her thirst for knowledge, ensuring she stays challenged.  Moving to the 3rd grade room for reading and spelling has helped stave off her boredom.

Amanda joined the 1st grade this year and St. Mary’s will never be the same.  Mercifully, she has a teacher who has embraced her “spice” and often tells me Amanda stories that have made her laugh.

Both girls did cheerleading, voice and have just started swim lessons.  So far it works for everyone for them to do these activities together.

Aiden is a delight...its hard to catch him without a smile.  He loves to work with his daddy doing wood and trucks and tape measures and all manner of “man stuff”.  He also loves to snuggle in with his momma, play guns with his big brother and dolls with his sisters.

Shaun was hard at work again this summer, renovating apartments...three, to be exact.  I am forever in awe of his remarkable work and the tireless way he provides for his family.

I am marking six years working for my brother-in-law in the telecommunications world and am just about to complete my third wedding season (as a photographer).  There is not a whole lot of downtime, but (most days) I wouldn’t want it any other way.

As a family, we are actively involved in Lights Up ministry.  This year we took Lost in Vegas on the road to four different cities in New England, sharing the gospel through theater.  Shaun also had an opportunity to go to Europe in September to explore the possibility of ministering there next year.

That’s the scoop from here.  If you want to stay updated throughout the year, the best way is via my blog :

A very Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year.  Good things are in store!

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