Friday, December 21, 2012

Random Friday

 Can scarcely believe it was just one week ago that the world as we once knew it changed.  Just one week that feels more like one YEAR.  Today when our children arrived at school there was a police officer present. 

Its all still so raw and really, I don't want the feelings to dull. It brings me to the Throne more and I always want my heart to break for what breaks His.

I'm sitting in the (full) waiting room of the walk-in clinic where a couple is having a very personal, disrespectful conversation that is growing louder and more uncomfortable. Awkward, as Avery would say. 

Speaking of Avery, I was packing their lunch yesterday and included some Doritos. Avery said, Elizabeth doesn't like Doritos, can you believe that?  I just love them, especially Cool Ranch. I smiled and said, I always think of Shelva when I think of Cool Ranch Doritos.....when we were in school she loved them. 

Incredulously Avery asked, they had Cool Ranch back when you were in school??  Did they have regular ones, too??

I am SO not a fan of going to the doctor, of taking medication of any kind, but I've waited this cough thing out one too many times and it always goes straight to my lungs in the form of bronchitis and asthma. With our Christmas celebrations beginning tomorrow, I just can't wait it out for two weeks and THEN go. 

It's raining pouring rain....and I couldn't be happier. I NEVER dream of a white Christmas.  As pretty as it can be, the benefits of no snow ALWAYS outweigh the very few nice thing(s?) about snow. 

We got a frantic phone call last week, asking if we'd take a 16-year old boy who had no place to go for Christmas. I'm ashamed to say that along with my first instinct of "of course....everyone needs a home for Christmas" was "but it's, traditions". 

My heart needs lots of work and I'm so thankful God is patient and full of grace as I make this journey. 

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas....all glory to the newborn King!

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