Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Musings

'Musings' sounds so much better than 'random thoughts', don't you think?

People keep asking me how I'm doing with my Christmas shopping.  Though I still have some things to take care of, I'm well ahead of where I usually am.

Life is teaching me to plan ahead and be organized, because there is really so little I'm in control of.  We now have many outside people dictating what we will do and when and I can never even really be sure from week to week who will be living here.

Today marks eight months that Z has lived with us.  Our family picture now looks strange to me without him in it.

There are so many events and decisions that need to be made in his case, mostly not by us...if you ever think of it please say a quick prayer for him, for us.

This weekend, our pastor spoke on the fruits of the spirit, specifically LOVE, JOY, PEACE.  He said the problem people run into is reading the scripture and thinking love is a noun.  In actuality, love is a verb, an action, that can turn into a noun.  Words to live by.

The girls came home excitedly today, sealed report cards in hand.  In first and second grade they are still on a Unsatisfactory to Very Good scale.

Amanda wanted to know what she got a "Good" in, so I read her the handfull of items that received that mark....prayers, weekly spelling, etc.  With each one I read, she got more excited and her smile grew larger.  When we were finished, I gave her a big hug and she skipped off.

When I opened Avery's, she had all 30 or so items pegged at VG, but her eyes immediately picked up on the two VG minus' her third grade teacher had given her.

I nearly laughed out loud at the stark contrast between the two.  So different, yet so compatible.  I hope it is always so.

This week is dress rehearsals and performances.  I am over-the-top excited that 17 people will be seeing the show (and hearing the gospel!!) who are directly related to Z.  Seven family members, two social workers and one is bringing her family, and his sister's foster family.

I serve a big God and know miracles can happen...especially at Christmas!

Still time to get tickets if you want to see the show!

Have a fabulous December week.  Take moments of time to stop and pause and be still.  It will all be over before we know it.

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