Sunday, December 2, 2012

Project 365, Week 48

So much going on, both in the daily and in the big picture.  More thankful than ever that I serve a big God who loves me, cares about my "stuff" and knows the beginning from the end.  I have NO doubt he has it all under control and I lean heavily into that knowledge.

We enjoyed a whirlwind weekend with family, squeezing in as much togetherness as we could.  We also welcomed a new nephew, celebrated Amanda's birthday, had (yet another) big social worker meeting (with seven people present).

I'm so excited to officially be in the Christmas season!!

November 25
With family still in town we headed down to Shaun's sister's house.  She helped the kids make puppets so they could put on a show for the adults.
 November 26
Aiden got a track that came with a couple battery powered cars.  When I opened up the package, I read the warning taped to the bottom of each car that effectively said, don't get this near hair or it will get tangled.

I was kneeling on the floor, helping Aiden with his shoes, when he thought he'd run the car across my head and down my back.  It didn't make it to my back.

Thankfully, Shaun was right there.  I was in tears laughing the entire time he was trying to take the car from my hair.  Struck me SO funny.  Yes, I am indeed the mom of a boy.  :)

Apparently Aiden thought the moment was picture worthy because he grabbed my nearby phone and snapped a pic.  :)

I went to visit my 16th niece/nephew. 
Isaiah Thomas
born November 25
10 lbs, 13 oz, 22 in 
We said goodbye to Nana and Grandpa John, went back to the hospital so the girls could see their cousin then we went to the much anticipated week #1 of swim lessons.

Both girls LOVED it!  Good thing, because Avery traded ballet (aka my Nutcracker!) for it.  Its sad for me but I'm glad she's doing something she enjoys.  And I not super sad about missing all the extra December rehearsals.

November 27
Post bath surprise.
 My precious birthday girl.  Happy 6th, Amanda!!
November 28
My helper.  Mom, can I push the buttons?  (forgive the nasty "laundry room")
November 29
Waiting in the therapist's waiting room.  You can see there was a movie on.  Avery did her homework and also brought a craft project to work on....girl after my own heart....who wants to watch a movie when you could be getting stuff done??  :)
November 30
By Friday morning my body was starting to give out on me.  I walked into the house from the meeting, and after barely saying hello to Shaun and Aiden, tucked myself in bed for the better part of the afternoon with a migraine.

Thankfully I was feeling better for our annual adopt-a family shopping trip with Shaun's side of the family.  MY SIL could be a professional shopper.  :)

This year we had a mom and her 3 year-old boy and a 15 year-old mom and her newborn son.  Along with the presents went many prayers.  We are so very blessed.

December 1

Happy December!!

Shaun took the older crew and I did a bunch of wrapping and Christmas prep.

Aiden's latest favorite song...

After service we did a for-the-first-time tree lighting...the kids were happy for the free hot chocolate and cookies.  :)
Enjoy your week, enjoy the season!


Melody said...

Aiden singing is just TOO cute! And the post bath pics? Melt my heart :)

The Bug said...

Oh that boy is just too cute! I love how he says "PEACE on earth..." :)

I just woke up from a couple hour nap - I was up most of the night with some sort of food related stomach bug. Amazing what sleep will do for a person!

I'm with Avery - I get twitchy watching TV in waiting rooms. I like to have something else to do instead.

sara said...

oh my word...melt my heart.....Aiden singing was awesome!!! I loved every facial expression!!! :)

This year, for my $$ giveaway, I am sponsoring a 16 yr old boy in the foster system. So fun to shop for him! shhhhh.....don't tell anyone though, it's supposed to be a surprise till chrismtas! :)