Sunday, December 23, 2012

Project 365, Week 51

This week involved much Lysol as I continually disinfected door knobs, light switches, etc.  It was week two for our household with the fever, head cold thing, accompanied by much coughing.  Nasty.

Thankfully, the week was pretty quiet.  Its SUCH a special time of year and we got to kick off our Christmas celebrations yesterday!
December 16
Last night of the show.  My niece Madison was incredible!
December 17
With a special sale and coupons, we had a good excuse to buy Aiden his very own John Deere pay loader.  He was a bit excited.

December 18
Avery's class has started learning cursive writing and she is ecstatic about it.  Mom, mom!  Look what I just wrote!!  I seem to recall being in love with cursive in second grade, too.

I don't have a picture, but I think this was the day Uncle Nathan picked up the girls to take them shopping.  They are already a pretty good resource, but in a couple years their opinions on women's gifts will be money!  So sweet of him to take them along.

December 19
Since our Victorian house is WAY low on closets, I only keep one set of sheets per bed.  I finally conceded it was time for Shaun and I to get new ones...what an exciting day.  :)

I even splurged and paid an extra $10 for an extra 100 thread count....I'm just crazy like that.
 I think they call this thread-bare.  :)  (That's my electric throw blanket that is folded up just on my side...Shaun wants nothing to do with it).
The next germ victim.  Ever since his seizure, I'm a little more paranoid cautious when he has a fever.
December 20
Made another attempt to take newborn pics of my nephew, who is almost one-month old already.
December 21
The whole family loves Daddy's basketball games, especially cousin time.
December 22
The cousin pool is growing on Shaun's side.  We added Baby Isaiah and Z since last year.

It was such a lovely time at Shaun's sister's house!  So, so very grateful for close family and family close!

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The Bug said...

I love that Aiden got his tractor - too cute!

And I love all those pictures of cousins. I took some pictures of my nephew yesterday (in his army dress uniform) & it sure isn't easy to get such good pictures!