Sunday, December 9, 2012

Project 365, Week 49

We are thoroughly enjoying December!!  Trying to do extra special activities, but not too much.  Last night when we got home at 9:30 Avery said, "it doesn't even like feel breakfast and lunch were part of this day".  As you know, that's pretty much how I feel every week about our weeks, so it was funny to hear that come out of her mouth.  :)

This is a cheater, jam-packed P365 post, but I'm trying to be practical about squeezing in all these posts.  End of year is quickly approaching!

Not pictured for Aiden is the fun sleepover and bike ride (last of the year??) with Pop and Kiki and the afternoon he spent with Levi and Grammy.  So thankful for close family and grandparents who allow me to have pockets of time alone to put up my feet and eat Christmas cookies. :)

December 2
Such a nice day, Aiden and Amanda thought they would mow the lawn.

My sisters and I met at our dad's favorite pizza restaurant to celebrate his birthday.

 December 3
There is nothing like walking into a room and hearing scripture being read, without you having been involved.  Avery and Z decided to use the Bible for their nightly school reading...I hung out listening them take turns with Luke 2.

But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy. It is for all the people.  Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you. He is Christ the Lord". 
 Daddy's first basketball game of the season....he looked good!
December 4
Aiden and I went with Shaun to take pictures of his grandfather's house that he is trying to rent.  We also did some leaf pickup.  It is unbelievable to me that for 60 years his grandfather dealt with these leaves.  I would have long ago cut down some trees!  :)
 Lucky for Aiden, the oil man also showed up...what fun!
 On the way home from voice, we spotted this house.  The girls had me turn around and we took our time listening and watching it go through a couple songs.

 December 5
Our 10th-ish annual cookie sister Amy and our friend Kate.  Their claim to fame is that they went through K-12 grade together...even in highschool they were in the same classes.  Since Amy and I were only a grade apart, our friends circle got lumped together.

I can always count on yummy cookies and lots of laughing.

 We came out with 14 different varieties.

 December 6
Fresh air and exercise.  Aiden is never happier than when he's working.
December 7
Watched some youtube videos of Pearl Harbor with the kids before school....the waking of the "sleeping Giant".  So very grateful to be an American.

These birds spend the winter on "our" field, so every morning when I throw the first ball, they lift as one and move down further down.
 Repairs from the hurricane.
 More work for Aiden.  He likes to help me load up the groceries.
December 8
I was cooking breakfast at the girls' school from 7-10.  At 8 Shaun and the kids went to play practice, so he brought Aiden to me.  He sat next to me while I filled bagel sandwich orders and SO many people commented on what a good boy he was.  He's also good company!

Ran home to shower, then I picked up the kids from practice so we could go to the annual Christmas luncheon that Shaun's grandfather treats us to.  Its the one time a year we see Shaun's aunt and cousins.

This is my ragtag bunch...the girls two days past when they should have showered, hair uncombed, but I couldn't love them more, just like this.

After lunch we had a window of time before church, so I went to pick up my ring.  In May the soldering had come apart and the engagement ring band split.  I finally took it to the jeweler last week and I'm SO happy to have it back!

When the jeweler was handing it back to me, he said, you've had this a long time now.  Yes, 19 years this Christmas Eve, which is weird, because I wasn't yet 19 when Shaun first placed it on my finger.  Grateful.

Speaking of Shaun, he was a busy man with all things sound this weekend, somewhere in the 15-20 hour range between the two days.  He is excellent at what he does and in high demand.  :)
After church I took the kids to see the Nutcracker, for my 20-something time.  It used to be my boyfriend who took me every year, then my husband.  Now it was me taking the big kids while my husband took the very tired 3 year old home to bed.  

During the show, I briefly and longingly thought of the years my husband would take me to see the Boston Ballet perform the show and we'd complete the evening at Finale, having quiet, romantic conversation over coffee and dessert.

BUT, the kids were so engrossed in it and vocally grateful for the experience, that it was worth it.  This is life now and it is good.

How is YOUR December going?


sara said...

some how I don't see you putting your feet up and and eating cookies during your grandparent "breaks"! ha! but you should!!!

Love the picture of the kids reading scripture. I was just telling a young girl I mentor how important it is to stay in God's Word. that God speaks to us in many different ways, but when He speaks to us through His word it just goes straight to the heart. His Truth is so powerful.

And your Christmas nail polish is fantastic!

Amy said...

Pockets of time alone sounds wonderful.....must be nice.

The Bug said...

I love how Z & Aiden were wearing the same shirt in the gazebo picture - & Amanda & Avery matching too. Too cute.

Those cookies look fabulous! I'd like some of those red & green ones with hershey's kisses on them right now :)