Monday, December 3, 2012

Tree Trimming

This is our fourth year with a fake tree and, though I feel bad my kids are missing out on the whole hunt-in-the-woods-for-a-tree experience, there is no looking back. 

Thanksgiving weekend is always a busy time for us, but I really like to get the tree set up right away, so this is the perfect solution for us.  And, quite frankly, I never cared for the daily watering, mess and cost that came with a real one. 

Please don't report us to the Christmas Spirit police.  We make up for it in other ways!

Like the amount of people that contributed to getting our tree decorated this year....

 Jared helped me string the lights while we talked about old memories.
 Aiden was playing with the big boys and is pictured here shooting the angel.  The guns that have made their way into this house via Z are somehow slowly disappearing.  Not a fan.

The next morning we were back at it.  Its fun to have Nana here to help because the majority of the ornaments are from her.  One year each year of our 18 years of marriage, plus some for the kids as they were born.
When Nana picked up this one, she stopped to admire, Oh my...its Father Christmas!

Amanda, standing next to her said, No Nana, that's Moses.  Avery, looking over her shoulder, said, Yeah, that's Moses.  Silly Nana!  :)

 Grandpa John helping with the precious few ornaments on the top.  Love the lights at night....the tree is a good friend for this season.

There has never been another prophet in Israel like Moses, whom the LORD knew face to face.
Deuteronomy 34:10

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