Friday, June 21, 2013

Awards Night

Last week was the last night for Friday night activities for the summer.  Aiden was in Rainbows, the girls were in Prims and Z was in Royal Rangers.  They all very much looked forward to it and so did Shaun and I (date night!!)

For the younger three, the class was split in half.  One half was in the classroom, the other was dance lessons.  They performed two of their songs for the parents.  The four Rainbows boys stood there, unmoving through the whole thing, as if they'd never done a dance class the entire year.  Pretty funny stuff!

 Then they got certificates and awards for memorizing verses and doing a variety of other things.  My favorite verse of Aiden's that is oft quoted around here (by me :):

Your attitude should be the same that Jesus had.  Phil 2:5

So very grateful for all the people who gave so selflessly and consistently of their time and talents.  Christian Life Church really puts on a great program!  If you are in the area, I would highly recommend looking into it this September.


sara said...

so funny that not one boy moved during the songs!!! Aiden is getting so big....what fun it is to watch him grow up!!

Sienna said...

Definitely something I may look into for Alayna! Especially if her cousins will be there! :)