Monday, June 17, 2013

House project {Week 11}

This was a discouraging week for Shaun.  We had SO much rain and he spent a great deal of time maintaining sump pumps and gutters and whatever else.  NOT how he wants to be spending his time.

I keep forgetting to include this one, but its priceless.  Aiden is blessing the food before lunch.
 I have a working washer and dryer!  They went through a rigorous workout this week.  Still some work to make my laundry area complete but I'm so happy.

My mom asked if we bought the biggest ones available. :)  Actually, Shaun asked me to shop for a washer/dryer and I told him I could not think of a single criteria that I was looking for in either, so we went with what our friend/appliance salesman recommended (and has in his own home).

Only God knows how many people we'll have living in our house, so for this season, big is probably good.
 Upstairs on the third floor....this is the master bedroom.
 Shaun never misses an opportunity to it was math skills with a tape measure.
Other side of master.  Popcorn ceilings scraped, sheetrock going up, taping beginning.

Master shower (there will not be a tub)

 Aiden stays busy all day long.  He's completely trustworthy around all the dangerous power tools laying around and he walks around with a spring in his step because he's working.
 Third floor hallway/tool storage area.
I rented the wallpaper steamer for the week and just went to work.  So. Much. Wallpaper.

The walls still need a considerable amount of work to be ready to paint, but there are no more black, flowery walls!

 Third floor stairs.

Aiden's room (I think)
 Second floor hallway.
 There was so much rain this week.  All our properties had water in the basements.  Shaun and crew did lots of gutter work and they also dug a large hole to find where the water was coming in at the new house.

This is the girls room.  Everyday Shaun does a coat of mud and I think it may get sanded and primed this week!

 Avery found a spot in the sun and invited me to join her.  After all the rain and cold, it felt so nice.  Actually, it would feel nice to me if it was the 100th day in a row of sun and warm.
 Z spent quite a bit of time throughout the week perfecting his bow and arrows.
 We did some family time doing yard clean up and reigning in the rhododendron bushes that are past blooming.

 Aiden happily made this stack of wood.  Hopefully we'll get to do a campfire with it.



 Lots of brush to deal with.

Shaun showed our house once this week and has been getting fairly regular calls.  I've got to step up my cleaning game here at our house if people are going to be walking through it....its definitely slipped as a priority, but it'd be wonderful to have it rented.

Not too many new pins this week, though I spent time looking at tile, which I'll need to make a decision on this week.  Flooring, too.  So hard to make the final call!


Amy said...

Gosh! I was discouraged just reading this! So many muddy pictures!!! :( Don't know how you guys just keep at it! BUT...the girls' room looks amazing and I love the vanity repurposed into a workbench.

Amy said...

Oh, and congrats on your new washer and dryer and being done with wallpaper!!!