Monday, June 3, 2013

House Project {Week 9}

Its coming!  The electrician should be mostly wrapped up within the next day or two so Shaun can (finally!) put his efforts into projects outside the walls, floors and ceilings.

I had to put a hold on the wallpaper stripping because of the heatwave we puts out a lot of heat and Shaun was not wanting the house to get any warmer.

How many guys does it take to change a lightbulb?  Look closely.  :)
 I don't ask questions.
 Removing the built-in shower in the master bath.

 It got moved to the master bedroom.
 This is the girls room.  To the right is our closet, to the left is theirs.
I enjoyed several glorious mornings with my bible and coffee.  Amazing!
 It was go-time on the paint because we wanted to take advantage of the Memorial Day sale.  Not being terribly gifted with interior design skills, I found this to be a challenging job.  Four floors of paint to decide on.  Not only is paint not cheap, with all this work to be done, I kind of feel like I get one shot at it.

After being pretty sure about the color I wanted, I went and got a sample to try.  The gray is going to take up the entry way, the staircase and the entire length of the hallway.  I had to be sure!  As it dried, I liked it more and more..... I took a couple helpers and we went to place our order.  Its by no stretch all the paint, but it puts a nice dent in what we need.
 Pretty, misty morning.

 The beastly rhododendron "bushes" have bloomed.
 Mrs. Robin continues her faithful vigilance over her one little charge (see the little beak sticking out?).  She is my constant inspiration to "do it afraid".
 I love dump days (our town is opened on Friday and Saturday only)!  Feels so good to get rid of this stuff forever.
 Pink carpet gone on the front stairway....
gone in the upstairs hall....
gone in the "nook" (and we found the one and only finished floor in the house underneath)....
gone in the back stairs and the back hall....
gone on the third floor stairs.  Phew!
 Shaun ripped out the sink and toilet in the first floor half bath.
we're all class.  :)
 We discovered these 6 foot trees for $30 a piece....what a steal!  We snagged 17 of them on the way back from the dump.
 The guys ate lunch and then they all got to work.  It was 90 and humid, but they hauled and got it done  in less than two hours!!

 Fine!  Hopefully they grow to 15 feet.  :)
 Those windows are our living room/family room, so a little privacy will be nice.
 Avery discovered growth on the strawberry plants.  SO excited!!  Hopefully I get to them before the kids.  :)
Shaun and I spent some time looking for master shower ideas.  I showed him this one, as in, isn't this beyond incredible even though I know we can't have it?  He was immediately sold and thinks its completely doable.  I'm in constant awe of him!
 For the most part I've made peace with Pinterest.  I know my strengths and my limitations so when I see repurposed pallet idea #1701, for the most part I can just appreciate that there are crafty, creative people in the world and enjoy their work instead of being jealous.

Honestly, I think it would be a bad idea to be on Pinterest if every time I opened it I spent time wishing I knew what to do with a hot glue gun.  Instead I make sure I'm just using it to my advantage.  And I must say, Three cheers for Pinterest!  Instead of feebly explaining to Shaun what I'm envisioning or having ideas scattered all over my desktop, I can pull everything up in one place.  Its magic!


LuAnn said...

Looks like another successful week of hard week. Your porch looks so inviting. What a great place to soak up the sun and the WORD.

I just have to say.... I can not get over all that wallpaper. I guess that is what they did in old houses. The grey color is very pretty.

Enjoy your week.

Meg A. said...

Such progress this week! Can't get over all the wallpaper or all those cans of paint! Loving the grey...can't wait to see it up. 17 trees in less than two hours?? Amazing!

The Bug said...

Loved the head through the floor picture - ha!

I know I say this every week but I can't wait to see the end result - especially that master shower - whoa!

Amy said...

The trees look GREAT and I LOVE the picture of the misty looks like a movie set.

Elizabeth said...

I second Amy's comment on the misty house. Beautiful. You have done so much work on the house. It is simply amazing what you all have accomplished, especially with all the other balls you are juggling. Love seeing the progress on your blog, too. Great work!!!