Sunday, June 16, 2013

Project 365, Week 24

Happy Father's Day!  Hope its a great day for you all.

June 9
The girls got to do a sleepover at cousins.  While Shaun, Aiden and I were working on the house, this is what they were doing.  :)

 Interesting that with this particular group its boy/girl going in order of age.
 June 10
ER visit day.  She's doing well, other than the wounds are getting itchy as they heal.
 June 11
Shaun encouraged me to quit "early" and go for a run.  The gym is a whole different scene at 7 PM, but it was great to clock a few miles.
 June 12
The girls changed out of their uniforms and I thought they looked too cute.  They so don't get their style and love of clothes from me.
 We went to church to catch a sneak peek at Pillars of Fire, Brent's new musical and the one he'll be performing in Europe later this year.
 June 13
Reading The Lorax while I put dinner together.
 June 14
Awards night for the Royal Rangers and Mpact programs at church.  The kids have all loved their Friday nights there.  We'll be back in September!
 June 15
The kids and I went to Madison's dance recital.  She was in about ten numbers and is such a standout on stage.
 God has given her a special gift and she has diligently been prefecting it since she was three.  Here are a couple examples (warning....these images may be hard to view):

This was my last time teaching Aiden in toddlers class.  He will be graduating next month and I am temporarily moving to the nursery.

We have SO enjoyed our time together.  I love seeing him interact with his peers and getting to know the other workers and he loves it when I am his teacher.  He may not feel the same way when he's 13 so I'm soaking it up when he's 3.


Amy said...

Well, selfishly I just LOVED this post...might have something to do with the fact that there were more pictures of my kids than yours!! Haha! Madison's dance pix are in.cred.i.ble!!! Amazing work! Lots of good cousin time this week! I also love Amanda's new pose! It suits her. Wondering where she picked it up and if it means something to her?

The Bug said...

Wow Madison is amazing! And lovely too...

Love the dress-up picture - your girls are just too cute. I also love Amanda's array of dolls at the pool - ha!