Thursday, June 13, 2013

Generation Gap

Last week I went through the pharmacy drive-thru with Aiden and Z.  The person helping me picked up the phone inside and asked me the necessary questions.  When we were done with the transaction, he hung up the phone.

Aiden: Mom, what did that man do when he was done talking?
Me: He hung up the phone.
Aiden: He hung it up?
Me: Yeah, he hung it up end the call (I finished lamely as I looked back and had two blank faces staring at me.)

I realized its quite likely they have never seen a phone being put back on the receiver to hang it up.  All they've known in their lifetime is a END button to push.
A couple days later someone dropped off a couple phone books on our doorstep.  Avery picked them up and said, Mom, what are THESE?  Phone books.  Foam books?  No, PHONE books.

Wow, I'm old!


LuAnn said...

I got it - kinda like a record player or tape recorder. Oh the fun we had with those two things as kids.

The Bug said...

That's funny! We actually still have a phone you have to hang up - well, it's in the spare room. Our main phone is cordless & has an End button. I'd like to get rid of both of them & lose the land line, but for some reason Mike doesn't want to.