Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Run...

Today is National Running Day!   I saw this badge to fill in.  I RUN....I stopped and thought for a few minutes.  There are SO many reasons I run, and have for more than 20 do I narrow it down to just one statement?
 I run to be strong.

I run to have a strong body so I can keep up with the demands my life makes...carrying a toddler, being on my feet at weddings with heavy equipment for 12+ hours, doing heavy yard work and dump runs and all manner of manual labor, walking up our mountain of a hill twice a day from the girls school, and all the regular life stuff that requires me to "keep up".  I run so my lungs can stay strong so I don't have to battle asthma symptoms.

I run for strength of mind....running clears my thoughts, gives me confidence that I can do things I didn't think I could, it relieves stress, its good praying time, its "me" time and prepares me for whatever may come that day.

Running is not for everyone, certainly. might like it if you tried.  :)

SOO many quotes about running that I love!

(except I actually DO like the feeling of running)


So Runners...why do YOU run??


Meg A. said...

So I can eat yummy food?! Kidding...sort of! :)

lily said...

Such inspiring quotes and all so true!