Sunday, June 23, 2013

Project 365, Week 25

Gosh, so much to say about this week, more than I could possibly fit here.  Let me try bullets:

  • Shaun's grandfather passed away
  • Shaun's dad was here for the week from far away
  • Lots going on with Z...many of you have asked and I promise to update soon
  • The final, torturous countdown to school.  Just give me my kids back already!
  • Shaun's grandmother's visit was cancelled due to sickness
  • Beautiful, incredible weather
  • Lots of good family time
  • Aiden looking WAY too cute in his "fancy clothes".
  • Avery's coming-of-age event
  • Amanda's stitches out
  • No raccoon sitings  :)

June 16
After a nice breakfast out in Daddy's honor, we got to work on the yard at the new house.  It was an incredible day to be outside....actually, the whole week we had amazing welcome after all the rain!
 We took an extended lunch break and opened up cards.

 Earlier that morning, Avery wrote a song and after they'd practiced, they put on a show for us.
 Then it was back to work.
 June 17
Last day of uniforms.

Sadly, Shaun's grandfather, Grandpa, passed away early in the morning.  In the evening, we went to his Grandma's house to be together with family.
 June 18
Field Day!

 June 19
Wear Your OWN Special Clothes For Mass Day.
Shaun and his dad and his two brother went golfing, in honor of Grandpa.  Grandpa played on the course everyday for years.

June 20
Z was attending Sports Camp for the week and each morning he begged me to take him to the skate park before camp started at 8.  It just wasn't working with trying to get the girls off to school at that same time.

Finally, this morning, we agreed to just be late for camp so, after we got the girls to school, we hit the park.  GORGEOUS morning and we had the place to ourselves.

 My precious family, looking good for calling hours at the funeral home.  LOTS of discussion before and after.  We tried to answer the questions as best as we could.
 Shaun and I had decided earlier that it would be fun to surprise Avery and get her ears pierced BEFORE her birthday.  Since we were all together and near a mall, it was the perfect time.  She was SO surprised and SO happy.
 June 21
The night before, 9:30 PM at Lowe's, Avery said, Mom, you're making me cupcakes for tomorrow, right?  Ah yes...I made them and the girls decorated them so she could celebrate her birthday with her classmates.

While we were doing that, we made up a song/rap about it being the last day of school and the first day of summer.  I was completely giddy on both counts.
 No more school!
 THIS is exactly how I felt.  :)
 Possibly the only perk to having kids in two different elementary schools....TWO end-of-school celebrations at DQ!
 June 22
Graveside burial service.  These are five of Grandpa's great-grandchildren leading Psalm 23.
 Here's the sixth great, back at our house for the reception.  Off in the corner, you can see the coffee table that Grandpa made us many years ago.
Thankful for the gift of family.

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The Bug said...

So sorry for your loss - he sure left a fine legacy of family though.

Aiden in his hat & tie just slays me - SO CUTE! And the girls look great in their own clothes for mass. So grown up.