Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June's 10 on 10

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}

(before) 4 AM
Dressed and ready to go work on the new house, but I took 15 minutes first to do some yoga.  I've had some pretty constant neck pain and my usual ignore-it-til-it-goes-away strategy is not working. 
 5 AM
Everyday the sun comes up.  What a gift!
8 AM
Aiden and I stopped to smell the roses on the walk home from dropping the girls off.  We pass a food co-op that does an amazing job with flowers.

 9 AM
Breakfast eaten, emails sent, blog post created, laundry dealt with and we're off to meet Daddy at the new house.
 10 AM
Aiden:  Mom, why are you taking off all the wallpaper?  'Cause its not your style?
 11 AM
Aiden made a ball out of joint compound and got it in his head that he needed to show Pop and that he really didn't want to wait until Fathers Day (I haven't even discussed Fathers Day with him).  I sent Pop this picture and then Aiden called him.

Within 45 minutes, Pop was at our doorstep to pick up Aiden.  :)
 1 PM
At noon I met up with the girls who were doing a big field trip...a walk to DQ and the park, both 1st and 2nd grade together.

As they were lining up to leave, Sister Mark (the principal) met them and spoke for a few minutes, telling them to have a fun time and also to be careful.  Then she led them in a guardian angel prayer.  So sweet, so....counter culture.

First Grade
 Second Grade
 3 PM
Speaking of wonderful schools (so NOT!), Z had his last day at his elementary school.  In keeping with tradition, we celebrated with DQ (minus Amanda who was being punished).  So happy to have one less kid in school!
 4 PM
Avery is my partner in crime for scraping.  She sticks with it for a long time, is good at it and we enjoy our special time together.
 5 PM
ER visit for Amanda.  Since we live 2 minutes from the hospital, I dropped her and Shaun off and then went back to stay with the kids.
 6 PM
Did you know you can pray very effectively while stripping wallpaper?  We also gained a couple sets of hands for the evening.
 7 PM
Back home, with smiles and happy for lots of extra attention.
 8 PM
Card game while I put dinner together.

(I'll do a separate post on Amanda today....promise).


The Bug said...

I LOVE the look of glee on Avery's face in the stripping wallpaper picture - ha!

Poor Amanda - I have a feeling that drama is her middle name...

Amy said...

Feeling bad for the kids who didn't get the 'no uniform' memo.

Elizabeth said...

Oh no! I hope Amanda is feeling better today. We had fun with Aiden last night. He was a nice surprise!