Monday, June 10, 2013

House Project {Week 10}

Can't really believe we are 10 weeks in already!  Part of me feels like 10 weeks is enough time to have been done already, but we're actually not even really close.  EXCEPT...there was sheet rocking done this week!  That is a very, very good thing.

Most of the action this week was on the third floor.  There was a break in the heat, so Shaun and crew spent a day blowing in insulation.  I had training so I wasn't around for it, but apparently its not on the Fun Jobs list.

Thomas and I picked up the blower machine and 20 bags of insulation and then I went back and got another 10 bags.

 I spent several hours over the course of the week at various stores and online looking at tile.  SO many to choose from and ceramic tile is somewhat of a long-term commitment.
 (Shouting) Mom, can you hear me??

 I popped into a store that I would never buy anything from, but wow...was it gorgeous!  Amazing selection!
Speaking of tile, this is my shower right now.

 We picked up the new "heat pump".  Its been a running joke because it actually works as the central AC unit as well, but Shaun knows I can stand AC so he's emphasizing the heating operation of it.  :)
 This boy is incredible.  He hangs out all day, finding work to do, never complaining.  Such a joy to have around!
 This day he packed his paper airplanes in his backpack.
 Shaun gave Aiden the job of moving the insulation around between studs.  He kept proudly telling everyone he had "very important work to do".

 Our closet.
 The girls room....of the right is the other side of our closet.

 New doorway framed that will go to the girls room.
 Shaun stopping to make yet another paper airplane.
 I bought most of what we need for this, the boys bathroom, since Thomas stays there several night a week.  It was weird to bring in finishing touches when most of the house is under major construction.  This room is basically done!
 And so is my laundry area.  We put down the grout and it just needs to dry.  Shaun is always so good about involving the kids.  He almost never says no when they ask if they can help, even when its inconvenient (which is usually).

He treats all of life as a learning experience and embraces each opportunity.

 This is a helicopter ramp, in case you weren't sure.
Sheet rocking the girls room, with the after school help.

 And taping! By next week we may have paint!
 Printable for our room.
 Sweet for the girls room.
 This is the shape of our mudroom and I like the idea of utilizing the "L", but I think I'd like to keep some closet doors on at least some of the space.

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The Bug said...

I'll bet Aiden uses his patient dad as an example (not saying you're NOT patient - but I can definitely see him trying to be like his dad in your pictures).

Wonder if the kids will miss all the demolition & putting back together once the house is done? I know you won't!