Sunday, June 2, 2013

Project 365, Week 22

Cannot even believe June is here!  I love, love this time of year and thoroughly enjoyed the heatwave we had for a few days.  Bring it!  

It was a packed out, full are a few of the highlights.

May 26
This was a crazy day that's a long story, but a highlight was meeting this couple.  I happened to be at the house by myself when they drove up.  He introduced himself as the nephew of the man who built the house.  

He was born in 1927 and the house was built in 1901.  He remembers spending holidays and parts of the summer there.

I invited them in and he told me quite a few stories.  One of his favorites is that his aunt used to have a button under the carpet in the dining room, which would call her maid in.  They employed both a maid and a cook.  I'll have to ask the electrician if he can get that button hooked back up....that would come in handy!

They were as sweet as can be (married for 56 years!) and expressed several times how happy they were that we were the new owners.
 May 27
Memorial Day!  During lunch break we did a thrown-together cookout for the crew who were at the house working.
 Happy crew, ready to hit the trail!
 May 28
Z recently got a new bike that he's super excited about.  We'd gone to the skate park the day before but there were too many people, so I told him we could go first thing in the morning when he could practice without all the pressure.

He and Aiden found a 20-something guy to chat with and Z asked lots of questions.  They probably talked for 20 minutes.  At one point, Aiden came back to the car and said, Mom?  Um, mom.  Do you see that guy over there?  Me and Z were talking to him.  I told him about my bike and my birthday.
 Mother-Son date.  I had to drive Z an hour (one way) to his doctor, an appointment his mom had requested.  The three of us sat awkwardly in the room chatting, waiting for the doctor for nearly 30 minutes.  It wasn't the most fun for either one of us, so I thought it might be helpful to end the day with DQ.
 May 29
It happened.  While we were getting ready for school, Amanda delicately asked me if I could kiss her goodbye before we rounded the corner to school.  She's convinced that everyone is staring at her and that the boys are whispering and making fun.

I agreed and kissed her at the corner, but when we got to the school yard we were early and no one was lined up.  Avery kissed me and then so did Amanda, so I got two out of her.  :)

Mom, come see!  Take a picture!
 Aiden got invited over to his cousin Rocco's to help celebrate his birthday.  My sister sent me several adorable pictures.  Don't let the gun fool you...they are two of THE sweetest boys!

 Feeling like Amanda really needs something all her own, we enrolled her in the last couple swimming classes of the season.  She was pretty happy about things.

 May 30
Our 19th Anniversary (and I was 19 when we got married)!  Since Aiden had a sleepover, once the kids were in school we were able to go out to breakfast together.  So very grateful for God's goodness and faithfulness to us all these years.

Back at my sister's, the napping boys.
 I went to pick up Aiden so the kids got their first swim in cousins pool.  "Its not cold after you get used to it!"
 May 31
Second grade was in charge of the Crowning of Mary celebration.  We prayed the entire Rosary.

 Avery didn't do First Communion, but she was happy to dress the part with her classmates.

 Z had lots of doting grandparents out to his game.
June 1
I was in beautiful Portland, Maine for the day shooting a wedding.  Gorgeous venue, right on the water!

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The Bug said...

What a packed week! That was so cool about the couple stopping to see the house - I'm glad you were there to show them around.

Avery is lovely in her "Mary" dress - such a pretty girl...

Happy anniversary! I was 26 when we got married - I have about 2 1/2 more years before our 26th anniversary :)