Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Poor Girl

My poor little Manda-girl.  She and her cousin were out picking flowers and they were running up the steps to the porch.  Amanda, who was behind, could see that the door was going to slam, so she reached out her hand to stop it.

One of the panes shattered and Amanda's arm went right through.  She didn't cry too much, but when she looked down and saw the blood, she started to freak a little.

I took her in the house to get paper towels and call for Shaun.  We could see four separate cuts and, in his vast experience, he decided some of them were worth getting checked out.  

The three of us hopped in the car after grabbing a bucket and more paper towels.  I wasn't sure if she was going to faint or throw-up, but she close to both.  She wanted me to go in with her, but at the last minute decided Daddy would be good, so I dropped them and went back to stay with the kids, and to pray!  

At this point, the story kind of veers off into two different directions....Amanda's version and Shaun's version.  

They both agree that all the staff was nice and they got right in, that there was a TV in the room and she got to watch iCarly (a forbidden show here), and that she ended up with glue on one cut and a total of 10 stitches on the others.

What's not clear is just how tough she was or how traumatic the experience ended up being.

She's been happy for the extra attention and ice cream.  She slept well and put it a full day of school...she's left-handed, so no problem there.  Really, she's been a trooper!

Thankful for God's protection and the guardian angel we prayed for earlier in the day before the DQ field trip.


Melody said...

Gentle hugs to Amanda!

Amy said...

Seriously??!!!??!!! How did I NOT know Manda is left handed? Pretty pic of the house and tell her to feel better QUICK!!!

The Bug said...

Ouch! How scary for her (& you)! I remember having to get stitches when I was a kid (twice). Kind of traumatic at the moment, but I enjoyed telling the story later :)

Ashley Beth said...

Thankful it wasn't worse but boy, that's never an easy experience. Prayers for quick healing! DQ has been the after-hospital-visits choice in our family as well. Something about ice cream makes everything a little better!

Meg A. said...

Poor thing!