Monday, June 24, 2013

House Project {Week 12}

This week went at a little bit slower pace because of the stuff going on in real life, but work was done nonetheless.  

People who see it are impressed by the progress being made.  In the day-to-day, it ends up feeling like our efforts are too little.  The 4 o'clock mornings, the late night taping, the seven days a still leaves us behind.  We are weary, but press on.  There IS an end and we CAN get there.  We HAVE to get there.

The windows came and it was great fun for Aiden to watch the unloading process.  Later in the week, Avery and I labeled all 22 windows so the guys know which room they belong in.  Twenty-two windows replaces nearly all of the second floor (two baths and three bedrooms), three busted garage windows and a couple miscellaneous kitchen and stairs windows.

 We primed and painted the basement.  It would seem like that project could wait until much later, but now that it is painted, Shaun is going to put some shelving in so I can start moving our stuff over.  The emptier we can make this house, the better.

 The kids are really good about entertaining themselves.  This day, as I was sitting in the driveway getting some air after being in the basement, the girls invited me to their French cafe.

 Family Lowes trip way past bedtime...what fun!
 The tile is gone on the master bath floor.
 Aiden was over the moon about his new work gloves.
 The alarm company came out.  There is a pretty advanced system already in place, we just needed to hook it up.  This just seems like a good idea with all the troubled teens we plan on having in and out of our home.
 Aiden snagged this one (and 15 others just like it) while we were shopping.  When I can, I check the clearance area for frames and such.  Unlike here, the new place has lots of wall space and I plan on using a combination of my photos and printables (I'm addicted!) to fill it up.
 A painted room!!  Feels really nice to have a nearly finished space.  It also serves as a reminder for how very far we still have to go. 
 I just love this color in the girls room.  Thinking I might use it in a couple more places throughout the house, like the downstairs half bath.

 This is our room, which Shaun completely finished sheetrocking and is beginning to tape.
 Same with our closet.  I keep fantasizing about making myself a little hiding place in here for those times when I just need to get away for a few minutes.  :)


The Bug said...

Looks like a lot was done to me! Love the snack on a leaf - nice presentation! And yes to the hidey-hole :)

Meg A. said...

The girls' room looks great! And I love the shot of the house with the security van. I mean, I don't love the security van...I love that view/angle of the house!