Sunday, October 30, 2011

31 Ways to Live in Peace, Day 30

Speaking of things that don't belong in October...sheesh!!

Wait For Your Peace

The other day I was on a college campus doing a photo shoot for a family.  While I was waiting for them, someone asked me, for the first time in my life, if I had a cigarette.  With a smile I quipped, No.  Those things will kill you, you know.  His response, as he walked towards the next person was, Well, you only live once.

Right.  Just once.  We get exactly ONE shot at this life.  I've never understood that as an argument to waste the one opportunity.

The brevity of life grants power to abide, not an excuse to bail.  Fleeting days don't justify fleeing problems.  Fleeting days strengthen us to endure problems.  Will your problems pass?  No guarantee they will.  Will you pain cease?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  But heaven gives this promise: "our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory" (II Corinthians 4:17)

The words "weight of glory" conjure up images of the ancient pan scale.  Remember the blindfolded lady of justice?  She holds a pan scale--two pans, one on either side of the needle.  The weight of a purchase would be determined by placing weights on one side and the purchase on the other.

God does the same with your struggles.  On one side he stacks all your burdens. Famines.  Firings.  Parents who forgot you.  Bosses who ignored you.  Bad breaks, bad health, bad days.  Stack them up, and watch one side of the pan scale plummet.

Now witness God's response.  Does he remove them?  Eliminate the burdens?  No, rather than take them, he offsets them.  He places an eternal weight of glory on the other side.  Endless joy.  Measureless peace. An eternity of him.. Watch what happens as he sets eternity on your scale.

Everything changes!  The burdens lift.  The heavy becomes light when weighted against eternity.  If life is "just a moment, " can't we endure any challenge for a moment?

     We can be sick for just a moment.
     We can be lonely for just a moment.
     We can be persecuted for just a moment.
     We can struggle for just a moment.

Can't we?

Can't we wait for our peace?  Its not about us anyway.  And its certainly not about now.  ~Max Lucado 

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